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Guests for Chambanacon 52 (2023)

Guest of Honor  Cat Rambo
Fan Guest of Honor  The Scherer Family
Music Guest of Honor  S.J. Tucker
Toast Mistress  Jen Midkiff

Guests for Chambanacon 51 (2022)

Guest of Honor  Clif Flynt
Photograph of Chambanacon 51 Guest of Honor, Clif Flynt Writer GoH Clif Flynt has been a familiar and friendly face in Midwest fandom for decades. A Pegasus Award winner for his songs Unreality Warp and Ian the Grim, Clif was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2005.

Professionally, Clif has worked in the computer field since 1978 developing engineering, scientific and business applications.

He's been a project engineer, systems designer, senior program designer, consultant, and network. He's written the go-to publications and a bi-weekly column for :login magazine on TCL/TK.

He and his late wife Carol became the writing team C.Flynt, crafting the type of fiction that they enjoyed reading: upbeat stories with clever protagonists.

Clif has been entertaining listeners at Chambanacon for years, and it's time he received the spotlight of our affection.

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Fan Guest of Honor  Carol Cook
Photograph of Chambanacon 51 Fan Guest of Honor, Carol Coook
Carol was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania where her only exposure to fantasy and science fiction was Disney, the Jetsons, and Lost in Space.

From early childhood, she loved the written word, reading everything she could get her hands on. Having realized she had neither the experience, patience, nor talent to become a writer, and having awakened from a scarily recurring dream of becoming a nun at the local convent, she went to Clarion State College to study to become a teacher.

There she met Glen Cook, and the two were married in 1971. They have three wonderful sons and three beautiful daughters in law, with their pride and joy being five granddaughters and one grandson.

Carol and Glen have attended many cons, and have come to enjoy reading many different authors. Most of all, though, she enjoys the company of the many fans met over the years. She is humbled and thrilled to be your Fan Guest this year.

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Music Guests of Honor  Eric & Lizzie Coleman
Photograph of Chambanacon 51 Music Guests of Honor, Eric and Lizzie Coleman
For the last 13 years, when the trickster gods in the universe have a confab, the house band they call is Cheshire Moon.

Their brand of filk is fun, smart, bitingly funny in places, heartfelt, and entrancing to listen to.

Part extraordinarily accomplished musicianship, part highly caffeinated sparkly, glittery whimsy, Lizzie and Eric quite literally are the show.

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Toastmistress  Judi Miller
Photograph of Chambanacon 51 Toastmistress, Judi Miller
Judi Miller started using her sign language skills in 1994 to interpret for performer Tom Smith and changed how a fannish audiences understood filk.

Her performances captivated anyone who watched her channeling the emotions that pre-Judi we only experienced on a partial level. More and more people asked for a Judi treatment for their songs.

In 1997 she started signing the Pegasus Nominees concert at OVFF, and she's been an integral part of the experience ever since. In 2006 she won a Pegasus Award as Best Performer without ever uttering a single word.

But Judi has a voice. In her professional life as a teacher at a behavior treatment center for troubled teens, she uses it to guide young lives.

In her musical life, she's taken up the banjo and started singing with her other voice.

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