Chambanacon banana artwork by Matt Hawk
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Special Guests:

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Writer Guest of Honor

Cat Rambo

Photograph of Chambanacon 52 Writer Guest of Honor, Cat Rambo Cat Rambo (they/them) is a renowned Midwest writer and editor of science fiction and fantasy. From 2007 to 2011 they edited Fantasy Magazine and were nominated for the World Fantasy Special Award: Non-Professional. During that time they also collaborated with Jeff VanderMeeron/The Surgeon’'s Tale and Other Stories/ and a with Jeff and Ann VanderMeer on The New Weird round-robin project, and had their short stories published in Asimov’s, Clarksworld Magazine and story "Five Ways to Fall in Love on Planet Porcelain" was a 2012 Nebula Award finalist, and their first novel, Beasts of Tabat, (the first of a fantasy quartet) was published by Wordfire Press in 2015.

Rambo participated in the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars and Clarion West. They also write gaming articles and work as Sanvean with Armageddon MUD (Multi User Dungeon/Domain/Dimension). Mundanely, they do technology writing for Microsoft and Security Dynamics. They belong to theCodex Writers Group, an award-winning online speculative writers group. In 2008, Rambo was appointed SFWA’s Copyright Committee chair, and from 2015 - 2019 they served as President of the organization, serving two terms. Along with Fran Wilde, they co-edited Ad Astra: the SFWA 50th Anniversary Cookbook.

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Fan Guests of Honor

The Scherer Family

Photograph of Chambanacon 52 Fan Guests of Honor, The Scherer Family (Note from Splits: Even as we peel, a world-famous but highly anonymous writer is busy crafting the Scherer’s bio. Chancellor assures me he will personally put online as soon as the proverbial ink is dry...)

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Music Guest of Honor

S. J. Tucker

Photograph of Chambanacon 52 Music Guest of Honor, S.J. Tucker S. J. Tucker (SOOJ!) has over fourteen full-length albums and (because the wise performer keeps several irons in the fire) lots of other projects in the works. She has received acclaim and numerous awards from many communities: fantasy, sf, pagan, and collaborated with amazing performers like Heather Dale, Betsy Tinney, Alexander James Adams, and Renée Janski. Her beautiful voice can also be heard narrating audio books. She’'s worked as costume and makeup lead for independent music videos, and has composed the film scores for indie films. In 2024, Sooj marks twenty years of performing and touring as an independent artist. She's written hundreds of songs in a number of genres, co-created and co-starred in an Arthurian musical, and launched a successful Patreon site.

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Jen Carlson Midkiff

Photograph of Chambanacon 52 Toastmistress, Jen Carlson Midkiff Jen Carlson Midkiff is an award-winning singer/songwriter, band member, choir director, music teacher and an easily spotted regular as sf and fantasy conventions around the world. ("See the stunning person with the great big harp? That's Jen!") She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Music to go along with her Professional Educator’s license, and has brought and taught her love of music to hundreds of school kids. She started down this musical path at a young age, one of the founding members of the Indianapolis Children's Choir, and has toured the world with other choirs. She currently performs as harp/vocalist with a traditional Irish trio, Alair, and harp/bass/vocalist for the respected and much loved folk/filk/rock band Wild Mercy. Her second solo album is due to be released "any day now"; and we’re hoping in time for Chambanacon.

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